AET & O3 Hotel


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AET HOTEL|3rd Floor

Enjoy your AET Hotel stay on our 3rd floor’s luxurious 70m² suite, designed for long and group stays, with its kitchen and laundry amenities. The space features a unique raised bed for relaxation, privacy-focused box beds, a powder rain shower, and select organic teas with premium linens alongside seasonally rotating art. Exclusive amenities are available for purchase. Access the rooftop terrace directly for breathtaking Sky Tree views, enjoy room service, or unwind in the open-air bath and sauna, offering a complete day of indulgence at the hotel.

o3 Room|2nd Floor

The “o3 room” on the 2nd floor offers a unique capsule hotel experience, perfect for groups seeking a private, compact, and functional stay. Designed with privacy in mind, each individual capsule unit allows for a relaxing retreat while enabling guests to enjoy time with friends or family in a cozy, secluded setting. This capsule-style accommodation is ideal for those looking to experience a special and private moment away from the hustle and bustle.